Mini-speech(1) "My Future Goal"

What are your dreams for the future? Will you have your degree when you are 22? Will you go to graduate school? What kind of job will you get when you graduate? Will you start your own business before you turn 40? 

Discuss your most important goal, three reasons you want to achieve that goal, and the first three steps of your action plan.

*Try to use appropriate future expressions and future time clause

*Start your speech with your name and end with "Thank you for listening"

*Talk 60 to 90 seconds, the longest 2 minutes

Enjoy the mini-speech!

Mini-speech (2)

Instruction for mini-speech(2)              (approximately 2 to 3 minutes)

Choose one of the situations below and tell your story that happened to you. You are to use the past forms of the verbs, or past progressive/continuous forms if you have a chance.

              something heartwarming  /   something surprising  /  something funny  /  something stupid

              something strange  /  something annoying  / something embarrassing  /  

              something that made you really afraid  /   something that made you really angry

*You may start your story with What/When/Where, and give specific details.

 例)Something really embarrassing happened to me in a movie theater last Sunday. -------